Medicine Ball Work

Medicine ball work is an extremely useful tool in training a tennis player. It is highly specific, because of the ranges of motion you can work through and the fact that the exercises must be performed explosively.

This therefore simulates tennis, as the sport demands strength and power through many different angles and demands dynamic short bursts of activity.

For these drills you will need a medicine ball and a solid wall, with a flat surface surrounding it.

Under 13 years: 1 kg Medicine Ball
Years 13 - 16: 2kg Medicine Ball
Years 16 and up: 3kg Medicine Ball (depending on performer's age and maturation)

Basic technique of throw - throw from your legs up into your arms, in a low to high, circular, controlled manner.

(Right handed - reverse if left-handed)

1. Closed-Stance Forehand

Stand side-on to the wall, left foot closest. Using your legs, turn, sink and throw the medicine ball as playing a forehand. Repeat 5 times x 3.

2. Closed-Stance Backhand

As above, but opposite foot closest to the wall and simulate a closed-stance backhand. Repeat 5 times x 3.

3. Open-Stance Forehand

Face the wall, turn with the ball whilst stacking weight on your right leg and simulate an open-stance forehand, whilst throwing the ball. Repeat 5 times x 3.

4. Open-Stance Backhand

As above, but stack weight on left leg. Repeat 5 times x 3.

5. Serve

Stand facing the wall, ball behind your head and throw the ball into the wall and catch it above your head. Repeat 5 times x 3.

These drills need to be performed with strong posture i.e. wide base, bent knees and strong flat back position and must be performed quickly and explosively in order to be effective.

Be of aware of safety and make sure you are fully warmed up before you start, that you have no injuries already and that your technique of throwing is fast but controlled.

Adjust your stance in relation to the wall, so that the ball does not come back too quickly and hit you.

Go For It

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