Squad Rules

In order to push up your standards higher, you can install the following as your new rules of practice:-
  1. Set your mental frame of mind before each session. Do not start in an irritable, angry, depressed, frustrated or unmotivated mood. If you cannot sort out your attitude, do not begin the session.
  2. Once you have committed to a session, there are no possible excuses for poor effort or attitude.
  3. Poor effort or behaviour will be handled as follows:-

    - Lack of effort: five minutes off-court to get pumped up. Further failure means expulsion from the session
    - Poor behaviour: e.g. racket-throwing or negative self-talk - immediate expulsion from the session.

  4. Remember it is only when you are challenged and under pressure when you find out what you are made of. Being happy and relaxed in non-stressful situations is irrelevant to the highest levels of tennis.

Good attributes in a tennis player

  1. Self respect and honesty
  2. Respect for others
  3. Ability to prepare yourself mentally for any reasonable challenge or stressful situation
  4. Ability to suffer mental or physical pain with enthusiasm and 'best effort'
  5. Composure when you feel stressed
  6. Commitment to do what you know you have to do
  7. The courage to play with conviction
  8. Never begin a point in a mentally weak state
  9. Consider yourself to be signing up to these rules, as if you have signed your name on the dotted line of a contract and "agree to the above and fully understand its consequence.

by Jim Edgar

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