Coaching Tennis DVD: Biomechanics


This is a new powerful DVD demystifying the magic of biomechanics so that any player can gain the easy power available by learning the secrets of your own biomechanics.

Chapter List:

Introduction by David Sammel
01. Analysis: Forehand
02. Coaching: Balance
03. Pro players: Open stance forehand
04. Analysis: Two handed backhand
05. Analysis: Single handed backhand
06. Pro players: Open stance backhand
07. Coaching: The chain
08. Analysis: Common errors: Open stance forehand
09. Analysis: Common errors: Open stance backhand
10. Analysis: Close stance forehand
11. Pro players: Close stance forehand
12. Analysis: Close stance single handed backhand
13. Analysis: Close stance two handed backhand
14. Pro players: Close stance backhand
15. Analysis: Common errors: Close stance forehand
16. Analysis: Common errors: Close stance backhand
17. Coaching: Practice tips
Last word by David Sammel in studio

Extra features:

01. Feeling groundforce power
02. Secret to good balance

Total Running time: 63 minutes

Price: £19.99



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