Coaching Tennis DVD: The Volley


A powerful DVD that teaches you not only how to volley both low and high balls, but where to approach the net and how to cover the net correctly.

Chapter List:

Introduction by David Sammel

Overview of the volley
01. The grip
02. Ready to volley position
03. Catch and cut
04. Forehand volley
05. Backhand volley
06. Set wrist and V shape
07. V step to the ball
08. Power step for pace
09. Watch the contact
10. High volley
11. Singles net position
12. Split step and Y patterns
Tips section
Last word by David Sammel in studio

Extra features:

01. Elbows in front
02. Heels off the ground
03. Cross court Down the line drill
04. Dropping the hips

Total Running time: 57 minutes

Price: £19.99



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